Latte Art Factory

The milk foam revolution.

Latte Art Factory is the milk frothing solution your coffee business has been waiting for.

LAF Classic

The essential milk-foam solution for shops with minimal under-counter space. This countertop model includes the modem and built-in refrigerator all in one unit.


Designed for cafés with limited countertop space, the new LAF Bar is guaranteed to impress. The modem and refrigerator get tucked away under the counter.

Level up your coffee business

Improve workflows

Sell more drinks with optimal workflows and faster preparation

Work smarter

Leverage actionable business insights with integrated cloud technology

Cut down on milk waste

Cut costs from milk waste by up to 25% and improve sustainability

Reduce training costs

Hire baristas at any skill level with no training required

Guarantee consistent quality

Untrained baristas can prepare high-quality foamed drinks every time

Expand your menu

Access new hot and cold drink recipes at the touch of a button

Why the Latte Art Factory is in a league of its own

Temperature consistency

High consistency across the temperature range of 4°-75° C (39°-167° F).

Foam 2 liquids at once!

Foam two liquids at the same time (dairy, plant milks, cold brew, pre-mixes).

Hot and cold milk foam

Expand your menu with cold foam to offer iced drinks and nitro cold brew.

Full telemetry

Full telemetry and remote access to machines for quick service and updates.

Quick & easy cleaning

Daily automated cycle takes just 1 minute of manual labor and is finished in 20 minutes.

3 textures per drink

Include 3 different foam types in each drink for unlimited menu creation.

3x SCA Best New Product Award-Winner

The Latte Art Factory Bar Pro won the prestigious Best New Product Award by the Specialty Coffee Association for the third time at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland. It is the first product in award history to win the award three times.

Latte Art Factory Bar Pro with Best New Product Award