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Give your business a proven and sustainable competitive advantage. Frank Buna empowers resellers with the latest award-winning technology.
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Award-winning and patented coffee equipment

Introducing the BaristaOne coffee machines and the Latte Art Factory milk frother.

BaristaOne Twin

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Latte Art Factory (LAF)

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BaristaOne Solo + LAF

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Silky microfoam at the touch of a button

  • The SCA’s best new product of the year for 2022 and 2023.
  • Improve workflows and reduce milk waste.
  • No staff training required.

The perfect pour every time

  • Our smart technology guarantees consistency and quality.
  • Customers will enjoy superior espresso-based beverages comparable to premium traditional machines.

Offer the best customer experience

  • Finally, the beauty of the world’s best coffee experience meets the precision of advanced engineering and smart technology.

Lower Operational Costs

“Pay per Brew”

  • Get the most granular way to both minimize costs and measure success.
  • We calculate profit by cup, providing detailed statistics and deep insights.

No Training Required

  • There are no staff training costs. Our BaristaOne and Latte Art Factory solutions require no specialized skills to operate.
  • All outlets follow the same procedures. You will gain superior value chain control.
  • We offer completely automated machines for consistent results.


  • Create zero waste, plus end-to-end cloud-based updates and support.
  • Cloud-based statistics and two-way telemetry are in the DNA of the BaristaOne.
  • Telemetry enables remote software updates, performance testing and troubleshooting.

Real-time Sales Data

  • Instant cloud-based analysis provides full control of consumption.
  • Enables payment for only what has been sold.
  • Illuminates location-specific pricing and product suggestions with full product-level transparency
  • Empowers surgical delivery / consumption audit and reconciliation
  • Allows for a zero waste business model

Lower Service Costs

  • Identify and solve most issues without the need for a physical visit or other local intervention with our telemetry-enabled remote help desk.