Coffee machines for business retailers

Enjoy a proven and sustainable competitive advantage.
Frank Buna empowers your business to achieve record profits. We’ve been doing it for over 25 years.
Discover how

Small footprint. Big sales.

Big customer experience in a single machine.
One small change drives big repeat sales.

Creating world-class espresso-based beverages is an art and a science.
It requires precise grinding, tamping, brewing and pouring.
In the past, that meant overly complicated machines and specially trained staff.

Until now, that meant prohibitive onboarding, training and maintenance costs.

Unique coffee technology for retailers

Introducing the award-winning BaristaOne and the patented Latte Art Factory milk foamer.

BaristaOne Twin

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Latte Art Factory (LAF)

Product details

BaristaOne Solo + LAF

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Record Profit.

Minimum 10% increase in sales
Hundreds of Premium Beverages

One Progressive Solution

Profit from an incredible selection of world-class coffee, tea, vegan and iced beverages.

One machine
One button operation
Zero risk

Control Costs
Minimize Expenses

Surgical Costing with “Pay per Brew”

Get the most granular way to both minimize costs and measure success.

We calculate profit by cup providing detailed stats and deep insight.

Zero Operational Costs. Turnkey Solution.

There are no staff training costs. Our coffee technology requires no specialized skills to operate. All outlets follow the same procedure. Gain superior value chain control.

Completely automated. Consistent results.

Optimize Every Supply Chain Link Automatically

Create zero waste, plus end-to-end cloud-based updates and support.

Cloud-based statistics and two-way telemetry are in the DNA of the BaristaOne.

Real-Time Consumption Analysis

  1. Allows for smarter business decisions with instant cloud-based sales data.
  2. Enables payment for only what has been sold.
  3. Illuminates location-specific pricing and product suggestions with full product-level transparency.
  4. Empowers surgical delivery, consumption audit and reconciliation
  5. Enables a zero waste business model

Full Control of Services Costs

  1. Identify and solve most issues without the need for a physical visit or other local intervention with our telemetry-enabled remote help desk.- Predictable cost of 0.01 € per portion for help desk assistance
    – Predictable cost of 0.02 € per portion for IoT functionality and cloud services
  2. Only an individual affected module needs to be removed and is repaired by Frank Buna thanks to the BaristaOne’s modular design.- Predictable cost of 69 € + spare parts for module repair (plus shipping)
    – The repaired module can simply be exchanged in the field
    – Only light engineer required to swap modules

Delight Your Customers Every Time

Offer the Largest Drink Variety

  • Attract customers with an entire spectrum of premium coffee, tea,
    vegan & iced beverages.
  • New products are introduced automatically with unlimited
    promotional advantages.

A Perfect Pour Every Time

  • Our smart technology guarantees consistent quality through automated grinding, tamping and brewing.
  • Add perfectly textured hot and cold milk foam to your beverages at the push of a button.

Incredible Customer Experience

  • New research confirms that customers prefer the theatre of barista-made coffee.
  • Decline the rush hour line and serve up to 3x more drinks, faster.
  • Focus less on milk frothing and more on the customer!

“The Latte Art Factory has received great acclaim due the high quality and consistency of the foam from regular milk, plant based alternatives and hot/cold chocolate.”

“We are proud to be the exclusive partner of Frank Buna in Denmark.”