Latte Art Factory
  • Q. How many different drinks can the Latte Art Factory make?

    We have programmed over 120+ recipes for the Latte Art Factory. With 2 types of liquid and endless textures in hot or cold foam, we make almost anything possible.

  • Q. How does the LAF milk frothing technology work?

    Our patented Integrated Milk System (IMS) technology guarantees the purest micro-foam without using steam. Instead, both milk and air are sucked by the milk pump and get pressurized later by flow restriction. Since the LAF doesn’t dilute the milk with water, it enables our machine to be more energy efficient and milk foam to be heated to the precise temperature.

  • Q. How does the LAF make cold brew?

    Add ready made cold brew to the milk container and then dispense it through the machine to create a nitro effect. The Latte Art Factory would enrich the cold brew with nitrogen to get the nitro effect. So you end up with a foamy head, enhancing the flavor. 

  • Q. Can the LAF foam different liquids besides milk?

    Yes, the Latte Art Factory can also foam vegan milk alternatives and special drinks such as tea, kombucha, cold brew, cold chocolate and hot chocolate. 

  • Q. How many different kinds of milk can the LAF foam?

    The Latte Art Factory can foam regular milk and any vegan/plant-based alternative: soy, almond, oat, coconut, pistachio, etc. The LAF can also foam chocolate milk, tea, cold brew and kombucha.

  • Q. How many different milk foam textures can the Latte Art Factory make?

    Each drink recipe that is programmed onto the machine consists of up to four different base recipes (milk textures), that can be mixed and matched. Each base recipe reflects a certain pre-defined texture (air content) and temperature. We now have four different base recipes or milk textures that we can freely define in order to customize each drink recipe.

  • Q. How does the Latte Art Factory work?
    • Step 1: Fill the container with milk or your favorite plant-based milk alternative.
    • Step 2: Tap the digital touch screen and select your beverage of choice. 
    • Step 3: Enjoy perfect milk foam, exactly how you like it.
  • Q. Is the Latte Art Factory hygienic?

    The Latte Art Factory (LAF) has full HACCP compliance and hygiene is ensured via an automated (and manual) water flush of the system after every recipe. The LAF guarantees that the milk outlet will be free from any residues of dairy milk for the next customer who orders a plant-based milk beverage. 

  • Q. What is the max speed of the hot milk dispenser for the Latte Art Factory?
    • LAF Pro Speed: the maximum output of milk foam is 1500 mL in 60 seconds.
    • LAF Classic Speed: the maximum output of milk foam is 800mL in 60  seconds.
  • Q. What is the maximum temperature of milk foam for the LAF?

    The Latte Art Factory can make cold milk foam from 4C to a maximum temperature of 75C.